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Sedgwick Handbags

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011


             Childhood friends, Ashley Baker and Carly Beck are in their second season of designing handbags that are classic, casual & effortlessly CHIC!  Their Fall collection can be found here at MEADOW and every piece is amazing.  I have yet to see a handbag line at this price point pay such close attention to quality and detail.  These are truly bags that you will have for a lifetime.    

After working 15 years in the New York fashion industry the two have joined together to form their collection of leather goods known as Sedgwick. The friendly duo debuted Sedgwick in Spring 2011 while working their current jobs, Carly as the brand director for brands such as Diane Von Furstenberg and Steven Alan and Ashley as the executive editor for The Daily Front Row!!!!   The pair named their line after the county in which they grew up, Sedgwick County, Kansas….in Witchita.  

Ashley Baker & Carly Beck- Sedgwick owners


            The collection’s style is faint for both the ladylike and the wild at heart. Sedgwick prides itself on the value and quality of their leather handbags. They strive to create easy to carry silhouettes ranging from $250 – $600. All of their manufacturing is done in Manhattan, NY!  

Here is a peak at some of the pieces you can find here at Meadow!   I am honored to be one of the lucky stores carrying this up and coming handbag line and to be working with such talented designers.  The clutches are to die for & they really hold all of the necessities for a night on the town!  I have one and love carrying it out for a night out with my hubby or friends.  They work well back to cocktail dresses just as easily as they do with a pair of jeans.  This line is so chic and versatile!

Georgia & Mabel Clutches




"The Painter's Tote"



Mabel Clutches


Call us or e-mail us if you see a color or style you can’t live without!  I have to tell you that I have had people from all over the country calling me to ship them the stock that we have left in these bags because other stores across the country are completely SOLD OUT!!!!  They are a hot item on fashionistas WISH LISTS this year!!! 

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