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Spring is in the air…..

Saturday, January 29th, 2011


What I would give to have these beautiful Cherry Blossom trees lining our streets….GORGEOUS!!!

While cherry blossoms may not be in full bloom quite yet….it is definitely beginning to look a lot like spring inside the store!  Being in retail I must admit I really do love the change of fashion seasons…even though they come months ahead of any kind of real seasonal change.  By the time Christmas comes and goes I am beyond done with fall clothing and ready to see happy colors and fun prints hanging on the racks and walking in and out of our dressing rooms.  In fact today was a great day to put my boots in the closet and break out my flops…my pale feet may not have thought the same…but I didn’t care…it was time to let these babies get some fresh air.  It was in the 70′s here in San Antonio today and tomorrow the high is 78!  Kind of ridiculous for January, but I am not complaining.  I have market trips to fill my need for freezing cold and possibly snowy weather. 

The end of January is an uplifting time at MEADOW!  Our big sale has come to an end and we have brightened up our floor with vivid colors, tons of prints, shorts and dresses. 

Tibi, Rebecca Taylor, Tucker, & 12th Street…..just to name a few! 

Here is a sneak peak at some of the treasures we have been trying on lately……

I LOVE THIS LOOK!  Everything about it….the 12th Street Sunburst caftan…oh so chic, the layered jewels, the wavy beach hair…  This dress can take you so many places.  A night out with the girls, a fun date with your hubby or boyfriend, or dress it up with a fabulous pair of evening shoes…(I dream of LOUBOU’s), take of the long chain necklaces, tie your hair up in a pretty chignon… and wear it to a wedding.  Who wouldn’t want something this versatile in their closet?

There is sooooo much more to come.  As you have heard me say before….Spring 2011 fashion is so very me & I get excited every time a new box arrives.  Come see what we have in store for Spring! 


Thursday, January 20th, 2011

My other passion….

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

For those of you who know me and who have been to the store you may already know that I have a passion for design!  I have always loved color, texture, patterns, architecture, interiors and of course fashion….you get the picture!  My problem is I have the vision, but I don’t have the hand to put any of my ideas onto paper or execute them for that matter.  I always wanted to go to a high profile design school such as Parsons, but was intimidated by the lengthy applications that required extensive portfolios…that I did not have.  If I were to be presented with the Parsons applications again…I can promise you I would not be intimidated.   My portfolio has always been in my head….I guess that is why my love for design remains a passion!  When I was in my teens and in college you could have asked me any day and I would have said I want to be a fashion designer….after graduating that was still in my mind, but architecture and interior design was a close second!  Opening Meadow truly gave me the opportunity to explore everything I have ever dreamed of doing….I designed almost every aspect of the store with the consulting of a few other brilliant minds, chose all of my fixtures, fabrics and of course the clothing.  It took forever, but was worth the wait! 

Bob and I keep talking about buying a new house….we really are outgrowing the home we are in now and with that comes a new project for me to work on!  Of course first we have to find the perfect house for the FIVE of us….Bob, Ella, me and our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (Sophie & Yaya)!  So here is what my passion has been driving me to do in my spare time….I look at and  determine how I am going to make my new home look like something out of a magazine!   I would be happy with any of these spaces!


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Hope everyone is having a lovely week!!!