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I am thankful for…..

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

but first….

and the winner is………….

Sorry it is kind of hard to read…

SHELBY H is the winner! 


Look for an e-mail in your inbox from MEADOW.


I have had an incredible year and have so much to be thankful for!  Seriously, I wake up to the cutest smile every morning and feel so lucky that this is my life!  (Sorry honey….you are really cute too…but this smile I am talking about is Ella’s)  Bob is usually gone before we get up in the morning.  Construction crews get started much earlier than little fashionistas!


Since some of you have been sharing what you are thankful for I thought I would share my thoughts with you….in no particular order of importance!

I am thankful for…………..


1.  A happy and healthy baby

2.  An awesome husband…who is pretty darn cute too

3.  The bright blue eyes and big smile that look up at me every morning!

4.  The hysterical laugh Ella makes when Bob and I walk in the room or say “Boo!” 

5.  The leaves that are piling up in our yard and on our street….I love Fall!

6.  Bob’s “I love yous”   

7.  Sophie and Yaya…our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels!  They are like my first born   

8.  My sisters random chatter….I wouldn’t know what to do without some of our pointless conversations!  It is fun to talk about nothing at least once a day.  She really is an incredible sister! 

9.  Catharine and Jessie and EVERYTHING they do!  MEADOW wouldn’t be the same without you…and neither would I!

10.  My mom who helps me with EVERYTHING in life…even when she doesn’t realize it.

11.  My Dad for just being Gibber…for calling to check on Ella, for loving Bob like a son, and for being an awesome Dad.

12.  My husband for being incredibly smart and driven.  He loves to build, create and dream up all sorts of things!  He’s pretty amazing.

13.  He also grows tomatoes and jalapenos in our very own backyard.  They are delish!

14.  Bob for getting me Starbucks all the time!

15.  My IPAD…  It entertains me in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep.

16.  Google…what would we do without Google.

17.  My niece and nephews…they are all so much fun.

18.  My sister-in-law who is compassionate, caring and tons of fun.

19.  My in laws for treating me like a daughter.

20. My grandmother, Gommy.  She is truly one of the most beautiful women I have ever known!

21.  All of our friends near and far….from coast to coast you know who you are! 

22.  Starbucks…what would I do without my Iced Lattes.

23.  The blue water & white sand in Florida.  It was like living in the Caribbean.

24.  Post it notes….for my doodling habit

25.  My brother-in-law for his awesome beef fajitas and yummy mini burgers! 

29.  My iPhone

30.  DVR

32.  Anything extra crispy!

34.  Pandora and free XM radio in my car.

35.  My husband for being so understanding.

36.  Candles….Seda France & Lafco House and Home!  They will fill any room.

37.  Facebook…so much fun staying connected & a great marketing tool!

38.  MEADOW….what I was born to do!

39.  All of our customers! 

40.  Interior design and textiles….I love fabric and texture!

41.  The Texas Hill Country

42.  Leggings

43.  E-mail – what would we do without you???   

44.  Christmas lights and Christmas trees

45.  Ella’s lullaby mix

46.  Ella’s blabla dolls

47.  The health and happiness of all of my friends and family & the health and  happiness of all of my blog readers!

Happy Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thanksgiving Giveaway!

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

During the Thanksgiving holiday we are reminded that there are so many things in life to be thankful for, and how important it is to give back to our friends and family that support us.

In honor of Thanksgiving we have decided to have a MEADOW giveaway!  We are truly thankful to all of you who have supported us through our first year!  This years Thanksgiving giveaway is one of our popular Dillon Rogers wrap bracelets! 

All you have to do is comment on this post and tell us what you are thankful for this Thanksgiving and you will be entered to win! 


 Remember…whether near or far you are eligible to win so come one come all and tell us what you are thankful for this holiday season.  The drawing will take place on Wednesday, November 24 and the winner will be posted on the blog.  Please leave your e-mail address on your post so we can contact the lucky winner!

Good Luck!


It’s been a while…..

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010
 Is anyone still there?

I am sorry it has been a couple of weeks since I posted.  

I have to admit that I have not felt like blogging much lately.  I have had a ton of things to write about, but all of my free time has gone to Ella and at the end of the day I do not have it in me to sit down and type!  To make it up to you we are having a MEADOW BLOG giveaway for Thanksgiving!!!!!  Stay tuned for a surprise!  You will have to post a comment on the blog to win.

We have been really busy the past few weeks at the store.  We wrapped up Partners Card a couple of weeks ago, participated in Kappa Tablescapes, had a booth at the Garage of Goods at the Pearl Brewery last weekend (more on that later), and most importantly I have been having way to much fun with this little bundle here….


 I am not going to lie; trying to juggle being a mom and a having a full time career is a career in and of itself.  Not a day goes by when I don’t wonder if I am not spending enough time with Ella.  The reality is, one can never spend enough time with their baby, but right now work is important too.  So…Ella and I have Baby Mondays,  which are tons of fun for us.  Baby Mondays consist of staying in our pajamas REALLY late, rolling around on the bed and learning new tricks like you see above (photo captured this Baby Monday), reading books, chewing on everything she can get her teeth on (YEP….she has teeth…2 to be exact!), running errands & stopping by the store to say hi to Jessie and Catharine!  Ella is five months old now and what a trip it has been!  Time flies when you are with the ones you love!   My apologies for baby babble.  I will be back tomorrow or the next day with something entertaining, fashionable or noteworthy in the world of MEADOW!

Stay tuned for the giveaway!

Thanksgiving is next week….can you believe it? 




Olmos Park meets Santa Barbara….

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Last Tuesday, The City of Olmos Park, held a Town Hall Meeting to present the Conceptual Vision Plan for our little neighborhood to the Residents and Merchants in the area.  The collaboration of the THE VISION PLAN was prepared by local architect firm Michael G. Imber.  They did a wonderful job presenting the plan and addressed many concerns and questions with local residents and merchants during the 2.5 hour meeting.

Here is a glimpse of what may be in store for our charming historical area!

Olmos Park Vision Plan

Of course those of you who are familiar with the area will recognize “The Fountain” (and of course the building just behind it…MEADOW!!!).  The development to the right side of the drawing will be new.  Thethought is to make our building and the fountain somewhat of a town center in Olmos Park – creating a gathering place for the community.  Imber did their homework…they collaborated with other small communities such as Santa Barbara and put together a great proposition that can be read in detail here.

Imber gave examples of how simple upgrades to signage, architecture, and landscape elements (benches, fountains, ground plantings and trees) could make our little neighborhood feel like one of the town villages we have always wanted to live in….but that would have entailed us moving somewhere else…. like California!  If the Vision Plan becomes a reality we really may be able to live in one of the picturesque places that we once were only able to visit.  Having grown up in the area I will say that I think the Vision Plan is long overdue and would bring so much class and even more charm than we already have to this area.  I hope that they are able to start putting the Vision into Action before too long. 

Here are a few more pictures that were given as examples to show what the Vision Plan is trying to achieve in terms of creating a downtown/small community feel to Olmos Park.

sidewalk dining


Wouldn’t it be fun to look out of the shop windows on a Saturday afternoon in April and see this in our new Olmos Park Town Center…..

The view.....

As with most urban development there will be growing pains and this Vision will have plenty, but after last weeks meeting we are one step closer to an improved Olmos Park.   There are many questions that still need to be answered before this happens, but I am excited that there is a vision.

Thank you to Olmos Park Economic Development Corporation and Michael G Imber Architects for working so hard to better our community.  We look forward to being a part of the transormation for years to come!

If you love Olmos Park as much as we do…post a comment and let us know what you think about THE VISION PLAN!